Providing Backup Of Data

Backup upload on a system demand

There may be instances where Connect will fail to successfully upload your accounting data. In these rare instances we ask that you provide a backup copy of your accounting data. This will allow Validis  to investigate the issue which caused the failed upload. When data has failed to upload, Connect will automatically provide you with a direct way to upload a backup copy of your data. Simply select the backup file from your directory from the browse button and continue to upload the backup.


Other purposes backup upload

If you are required to upload a backup at a given time, access the Tools menu from the top right corner when you're on the upload screen or in the client summary page. From here select the Upload Backup.


Here you can simply drag and drop your backup file(s) for your accounting data, or click the ‘Add files’ button to browse your computer and locate the backup.


Click Start Upload and wait for the Status to reach 100%


 Once the upload has completed you can exit the backup function by clicking the Complete button.


If a password is required for your file, one of our agents will connect with you after your upload.

If your backup file does not upload, please see this support page.

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