Backup File Does Not Upload

If the size of your backup file is too large (exceeding 2GB), you might not be able to upload it successfully. This is due to web browsers having uploading limits. This problem can be overcome by using file compression applications, which help split a file into smaller sizes which can then be uploaded successfully. An application that can help do this is 7-Zip.

In order to download 7-Zip, visit the following website: . This will take you to the page displayed below.



To download the correct version, the you must identify the version of Operating System your PC uses. To do this, you can type System within you Windows search bar and select the System option that appears within the results. Once this information has been identified, click the Download hyper-link accordingly within the first table.



Once the link has been clicked, the pop up window will appear within the browser.


  • For Google Chrome, click the arrow and select the Open option. 



  • For Internet Explorer, click the Run option. 



  • For Firefox, click the Save File option.


Then click the arrow on the top right corner of the browser and select the downloaded file.



Once the directions to download and launch 7-zip installer have been followed, the window displayed below will appear. The window displayed will prompt you to select the folder where you would like the application to be stored. Once this is selected, click Install in order to finish the installation process.



After 7-Zip installation the you will be able to select the file you would like to upload. Once the file has been located, it should be selected with a single click. Select the File option on the top left corner and then the Split file option.



Once the file has been selected, you will be presented with the window below, prompting you to select the location where you want to split your file. Below this, you can select the volumes/bytes you would like to split the files into. Once the options have been chosen press OK.



7-Zip will then split the file into several smaller files in the chosen location. You can now select these to upload onto the portal through the Backup Upload option.

To select multiple files, hold Ctrl on your keyboard whilst selecting all your files.

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