Uploading Acomba Data

To begin your data submission to bridgeD, click Submit Data to begin.


You can tick either "Open with (java)" or "Save file", select "Open with" as it will open by itself once downloaded. (CAUTION : You need to have Java installed on the computer to be able to open Connect)

Select "Continue" if the window below pops up

Then, fill the mandatory fields as below:
Acomba Install Directory : C:\Fortune\SDK
Company: C:\F1000.dta\(company)
Username: ("supervisor" by default) 
Password if the user uses a password to get in Acomba: ("DEMO" by default)
Year end: the end of the financial year
The working file extension is .bak


Click next to launch the upload.



Once you have authorized the company, your upload will begin.


You can leave this running in the background. You will be notified by email once your upload has been successful.


Please note that the name of the data file which was uploaded now populates as the Company Name under "Submit Data For Acomba". This help you make sure the right file was loaded to the right account, should you have multiple company data files to upload.

Click here for more information about multiple companies uploads.

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