Uploading Your Great Plains Backup Files To bridgeD

To begin the upload of your Great Plains (GP) backup file, first enter the administrators Username and Password, then click ‘Submit Back Up’.



You then be taken to the back up upload screen.

 Here you will need to select the Dynamics backup file along with the backup file of the company database you would like to upload.

You must ensure you select and upload both as this will cause delays in transferring your accounting data across to your Audit Manager.

Great Plains backup files format is .bak

It is recommended that you compress the database files (.zip) to reduce the length of time it will take to complete the upload. To add the database files click the ‘Add Files’.

Use the browse window to locate the Dynamics database and your company database. You can select two or more files to add to the upload by holding ‘CTRL’ and selecting the files. Once you have selected the files click ‘Open’ to add them to the list of uploads.


The upload will not begin automatically. You must click ‘Start Upload’ to begin the upload. Once you have started the upload, you can continue with your everyday tasks. (Just remember to leave the window which contains the upload open.)


You will receive an email to confirm when each file has been uploaded. One will also be sent to your Audit Manager to inform them of the upload. Once the upload has finished for the files you have selected, click ‘Complete’ to return to the home screen. Here you can then proceed to log out of bridgeD.

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