Sage 300 Backup Files

If for any reason you are prompted to upload your backup file, below are the expected type of files and the guide on how to get it.

Which files?

Sage 300 backup is not 1 file, it a combination of 1 folder + 1 file.

These must be generated from Sage 300. 

We will not process backup files generated on SQL Server Management Studio.

How to generate these items?

Log into Sage 300 and click onto Administrative Services > Database Dump.

If you do not see Administrative Services, it means you do not this level of permission and should contact your Admin or IT support to get access to the Admin user account.


Click the Database drop down list and select the data file you would like to backup.

Under Dataset Directory, select the location where you would like to save the backup items. We recommend to create a new folder (Here "Backup") and save your Database Dump items in there.

Click Dump

Go to the Dataset Directory location you entered to save the Database Dump. In the folder you created, you should find 1 file + 1 folder as seen below:


Before Uploading

We need these 2 items to be able to transfer your data to your engagement team. To facilitate the upload, you need to zip the folder where you saved it.

Go to the location where you placed you Backup folder (Here C:\User\gpeyre\Desktop)

Right click the Backup folder > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder

Please select this Zipped folder when you upload your backup to bridgeD.

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