Navision User Permission

In order to upload successfully from Navision the, as of version 8.6.6, we now support SQL logins and Windows Authentication. Windows Authentication uses the clients Windows Credentials to perform the upload. This is achieved by selecting the checkbox 'Use Windows Credentials'

For both Windows and SQL logins, you will still need to identify if the correct permissions are present. Access the SQL server where the Navision database is stored (The user may need to get in touch with their IT department for this).

When reviewing the user permissions, the following must be present:

  • sysadmin level of access to the server
  • minimum of public level access to the company database

This can be achieved by logging into the SQL Server. From here, expand the Security folder, then the Logins folder. From here, right click the user's username and select Properties. From the Select a page window, click Server Roles.

Here, the level of access your username has on the SQL server can be checked. Ensure that sysadmin and public level of access is ticked.




Once this has been verified, click User Mapping from the Select a page window. Here a list of databases available within the SQL Server can be seen. Select the database for which the upload is to be conducted. This will be your Navision company data. Within the lower window, ensure that the public level of access for the selected database is ticked


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