How To Create A Backup For Great Plains (GP)

To transfer the data from your backup file to your engagement team's account, bridgeD requires both your database backup file (here called DSN) and your DYNAMICS backup file.

Process is the same to create these 2 items from SQL Server Management Studio, so repeat the below for your DYNAMICS and your database.


First log into the instance in which you can find the databases you want to create the backups for.

Within the Object Explorer click the Server name and expand the Databases.

Right click the database you would like to create a backup for. Point to Tasks and then select Backup. This will open the Backup database dialogue box.
From here view the General Tab of the backup database dialogue box and then select to create Copy Only Backup. This will create an exact copy of the database at this moment in time.
View the options for the backup and ensure you select to create a compressed backup. This will reduce the space required to create the backup and reduce the time required to upload to bridgeD.
Repeat the above for your database (here called DSN)
This process can be intensive on the usage of your CPU and may impact concurrent processes.
We would suggest beginning the compression and backup of data at the end of the working day and allow the process to complete over night.
You can then begin the upload the following day and allow this process to run in the background, while you complete your daily tasks.
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