Uploading Your Sage 300 AccPac Data

To launch 'Connect' simply click the Launch Connect button that is displayed on screen.

This will ask you what you would like to do with the 'Connect' file. Simply select Open with and click OK. What you are allowing here is the 'Connect' program to be opened within your Internet Web Browser. 

You may find that rather than a new window appearing on screen, a pop-up along the bottom of your browser will appear. This will all depend on what Internet Web Browser you are currently using. Regardless of which internet browser you are currently using the same will apply.

Once you have opened the 'Connect' file the program will begin to run. First you will be asked to select which data file you want to upload. Underneath the drop down list you will also be asked to enter the username and password for your database.


While connect runs you may see an indication bar which says that connect is 'Checking Application'. This is normal. This indicator is to inform you that Connect is running.

Connect will then begin to extract your data. This may take several minutes to complete. The time this takes to complete is dependent upon the number of transactional data and debtors that are stored within Sage 300.


Once the extraction of your data is complete, it will then be uploaded via a secure connection. Again this may take several minutes as this will depend on size of the data extracted, so the number of transactional data and debtors, and the speed of your internet connection.



You will then see green ticks to indicate your upload progress. When you get the 4 ticks and upload completes, you will get a confirmation on screen.


Click here for more information about multiple companies uploads

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