Uploading Your QuickBooks Online Data

From your bridgeD Home Page, click "authenticate with QuickBooks Online" to launch the process:



You will then be prompted to log into QuickBooks Online:


You will be able to select the file you are wishing to upload and then authorize the Validis Connect software to access it


 Clicking Authorising will allow bridgeDk to successfully connect and begin the extraction.


This window will close and direct you will see the progress of the  4 last steps on your bridgeD page.



You will see a green confirmation on screen when your upload completes:



  • After you uploaded, the Company Name which shows up under "Upload Data for QuickBooks Online", references the name of the file you just uploaded, not the name of the bridgeD company Account.
  • In case you have different company accounts and multiple accounting files to upload, this will help you to ensure you've uploaded each one to the matching company.

> Click here for more information about multiple company uploads

  • Should you need to re-upload your data, simply click ‘Begin the Import from QuickBooks Online’. This will upload your latest accounts.
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