Uploading Your Quickbooks Data

Once you have opened the 'Connect' file, the program will begin to run. First you will need to locate the saved file for Quickbooks, using the 'Browse' button. You must select the .QBW for the company you wish to upload for. You will then be asked to enter the username and password for your Quickbooks Accounting Package.


Once you have located the company data file you would like to submit, and entered your user credentials for Quickbooks, Connect will begin to extract your data. This may take several minutes to complete. The time this takes to complete is dependent upon the number of transactional data and debtors that are stored within Quickbooks.


Once the extraction of your data is complete, it will then be uploaded to our servers via a secure connection. Again this may take several minutes as this will depend on size of the data extracted, so the number of transactional data and debtors, and the speed of your internet connection.


Once your data has been successfully uploaded, your data will be standardized and saved. You will be displayed with green ticks to indicate that process has been successful.


You will get a confirmation on screen when your data upload completes.




After you uploaded, the Company Name which shows up under "Upload Data for Quickbooks", references the name of the file you just uploaded, not the name of the bridgeD Account.

In case you have different company accounts and multiple accounting files to upload, this will help you to ensure you've uploaded each one to the matching company.



Click here for more information about multiple companies uploads.

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