Signing Up To bridgeD

Once you have received an invitation from your Audit Manager and clicked the link contained within, you will be taken to the 'Sign up' screen.

Follow the steps below to correctly complete the sign up process:

Security Details

Within the 'Security Details' screen, confirm your email address and create a password for your account.

Make sure your password matches the requirements displayed on the right.

The email address on this screen will be used as your Username when logging into bridgeD.


User Details

bridgeD needs to know a small amount of information about the person that will be the main user of the service. This allows us to contact you, should you require assistance.

All mandatory fields are denoted by an asterisk. This will be pre-populated by your Audit Manager who will have completed this information when sending the invitation.


Accounting Application

Select your accounting software from the list of available applications. We are continuously working hard to increase coverage of the number of supported applications.


If your application is not listed here, then your accounting application is currently not supported. Contact your Audit Manager to confirm you are eligible to use the bridgeD service.


Confirm Details

This gives you an overview of the 4 step sign up process and allows you to either confirm the details or make amendments. To make any amendments click the link below the sections and make the necessary changes and then confirm those changes.


Once you have reviewed the information you have provided, simply click Sign Up to create your account on bridgeD. You will receive an email confirming your account creation and details of how to log in.

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